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Successful Resumes - real resumes that got people hired at top companies

Successful Resumes - real resumes that got people hired at top companies3KResume templates are the stock photographs of job applications. They push you into a box which limits how you can show your unique strengths, achievements, and struggles. Theyre not awful, but they also arent likely to help you stand out and be remembered.Good news is, theres a better way.At Enhancv, weve seen thousands of our users find success. Weve heard their stories, learned from their struggles, and discovered what really gets people the right job. Now, were sharing those stories with you. These are real resumes from real people who got hired at fantastic companies. Each one contains lessons in how to do things likeSwitch industries Change careers Get your first job Take the right next career step Stand out from the crowdFeel proud in your job searchWith over 500,000 resumes created with Enhancv, we know that there are lessons that can change lives. Were here to do just that.You can find people such as Sa m, who left investment banking to work in tech, Max, who went from founding a food stand to working at Amazon,Akshay, who got an internship at Tesla, Marcellus, who built a great career after retiring from the military, Sophie, who started her own company, Eden, who showcased his passion project, and many more.Each one has something to teach you about more than just making a great resume. These are stories about lives, careers, and finding fulfilment.So whether youre looking to try a new career, jump-start your job search, or just see what a 21st century resume should look like, try exploring Successful Resumes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

9 Signs Your Memory is Worsening at Work

9 Signs Your Memory is Worsening at Work Weve all experienced moments of memory loss at workforgetting someones name after an introduction, forgetting where we put our cell phone, forgetting an appointment.Forgetfulness can be common in the workplace, especially if you work in a high-stress job or are not getting enough sleep, and its also a muster parte of aging. But how can you recognize when your absent-mindedness is a sign of something more serious?Here are nine signs to look for if youre concerned your memory issues may need further attention.1. Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks at WorkWhile misplacing your glasses over and over may landseem like a big issue in your day-to-day life, its not necessarily an oversight to be worried about. On the other hand, if youre struggling with managing budgets, remembering how to complete forms, working in familiar computer programs, or completing other tasks that you do regularly, that may indicate more serious memory loss.2. Challenges in Problem Solving or PlanningWhen project planning is part of your job, youre used to looking ahead and mapping out processes and timelines. Sudden problems with figuring out team scheduling or solving problems in your department could be good reasons to double-check yourself.3. Disorientation of Time and PlaceHow many times have you forgotten a meeting at work? Just a few? Thats probably fineeveryone loses track of time now and again. Losing track of dates or seasons, however, is a more serious issue. If youre losing blocks of time in your day or youre not sure how you got somewhere, thats definitely something to take seriously.4. Difficulty Finding the Right WordsRepeatedly having language problemsstruggling to find the right words to say or substituting the wrong wordsis a common sign of a bigger memory loss issue. Communication in the workplace is crucial, so blanking out while talking or frequently losing track of where you were going with a conversation is definitely a reason t o look into the problem further.5. Loss of InitiativeIs your once neat and tidy workspace now a disorganized mess? Are you falling behind on your work? In the past, did you volunteer to take on large projects, but now avoid taking the initiative because youre worried youll do something wrong? Apathy and initiative loss have been linked to more severe memory disorders, so these issues shouldnt be written off.6. Decreased JudgementWhen your job involves budgeting money or purchasing for your company, pay close attention to the decisions youre making if youre concerned about memory issues. Are you overspending on frivolous things? Forgetting proper channels for purchase approvals? Try reaching out to a supervisor or trusted co-worker to get a gut-check on some of the calls youve made. They can help you determine whether your judgment was off, making it easier to see if theres a concerning trend.7. Constantly Repeating YourselfWhen you explain things to your co-workers or tell a story a bout an event to a colleague, and hear You already said that more than a few times, pay attention. Frequently repeating stories or comments is a sign of more acute memory loss and may need attention.8. Withdrawing from Work or EventsAll of us have days when we arent in the mood to go to work or attend a work event. But if you find youre avoiding getting up every day because you feel uneasy about the changes going on with you or your memory, it could be more than just the Monday morning blues.9. Changes in Personality or MoodIn particularly intense jobs, you may experience moments of frustration or even anger throughout the day thats normal. But if you notice yourself often feeling anxious, suspicious, or even fearful, seek out help. Serious memory issues can create feelings of despair and affect your ability to interact with your co-workers, so big changes in interests or moods might indicate that you need some help.As youve probably noticed, a lot of the major signs of concerning m emory loss are comparative. If you feel like your current memory capabilities are suddenly or drastically different from what they were in the recent past or if theyre regularly impacting your ability to do your work, seek help from your physician. Your doctor can help you understand if the issues youre facing are common or if theyre something to be concerned with. Some memory loss can be a natural sign of agingbut if youre experiencing any of the problems listed above, its a good idea to get some help.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Is Being a Good Employee Out of Style

Is Being a Good Employee Out of Style Remember your first real job? The one of which you were proud? The career defining moment when you knew you wanted to be.whatever it is you are? I do. I remember the first time a manager gave me praise, my first killer performance review and the first time I nailed a project right on the nose.Being a great employee is notlage as valued as it once was. As unemployment wobbles back to pre-2008 figures, startups start poking up with more frequency, and jobs slowly morph into roles, the art of being a great employee can at times get lost in the headlines.But whether you consider your employer the client, the candidate, the hiring manager or some amalgamation of all of the above, the traits that make a fantastic employee are valuable in all aspects of business. Heres how you can become employee of the month, every month.Research conducted by Time magazine in 2010 i ndicated that less than half of American workers (45%) are satisfied with their jobs. This is the lowest percentage since 1987 and is an indication that U.S. employers have a lot of work ahead of them to undo the effects of the economic downturn and deterioratingemployee attitudes.Keep it professional. No matter how close you are to colleagues and clients, keep your mouth shut about politics, religion, sex, money and personal habits. This is an easy rule to keep once you set up a framework and ensures that your co-workers are comfortable.Do your homework. You know that saying that there are no stupid questions? It is not true, particularly at the end of a long meeting or workday when you blurt out something pretty ridiculous. Asking a question just to contribute when it doesnt further the purpose makes others exasperated and makes you look kind of ridiculous. By all means, do this if you want people to immediately tune you out.Underpromise. Overdeliver. You hear this all the time bu t it never stops being true. Letting your clients, coworkers and yes, your boss know what they can expect from you is paramount but going that extra step almost never fails to delight everyone involved.Learn to say I Dont Know. If you dont know, dont pretend that you do. Have trouble admitting you have no clue about something? Think of it this way, every minute you spend hemming and hawing keeps your team from moving forward with the right information. Become an expert at getting the info and be an asset to everyone around you.Negative Nellies Need Not Apply. Ugh. Are you that person? The one that says It cant be done and heres why or I see some serious issues in that? Dont get discouraged, its not an all-bad thing. No one needs another yes-man but playing devils advocate can quickly veer into The Valley of the Nos, really quick-like.Know how to handle sensitive topics. We all want employees to raise issues, but some problems are better handled one-on-one. Great employees often get more latitude to bring up controversial subjects because their performance allows greater freedom. The employee who comes to you after a meeting to discuss a sensitive issue that if brought up in a group setting would have set off a firestormdoes you and the business a favor.Wheels up Everyone knows that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but in this case, being the squeaky wheel might get you a versetzung in the short term, but long term is it really the best things for the company? Most likely it isnt. Complaining, over delegation and chatting up all your cube mates might make you popularbut it wont make you effective.In a world that is becoming increasingly more social and engaged learning how to interact with your team, your clients, your candidates and yes, your boss, is paramount. Not all interactions can be navigated online. Bring some pride back into your workplace and start becoming the employee of the month.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Sending Spam Email Is Illegal Under CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Sending Spam Email Is Illegal Under CAN-SPAM Act of 2003Sending Spam Email Is Illegal Under CAN-SPAM Act of 2003Most people hate getting spam schmelzglass, and the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is designed to protect consumers from unwanted emails. Enacted into law in December 2003, CAN-Spam stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing. After soliciting public comment on CAN-SPAM starting in 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted unanimously in February 2019 to retain the rules and regulations associated with the law.Spammers harvest information and use it either for their ownabsatzwirtschaft campaignsor to sell or trade the data they collect. Many people either ignore spam emails or have them filtered into spam folders where they eventually get deleted. This is easier than reporting the emails, which means many spammers who violate the CAN-SPAM Act do so without penalty. However, when violations are serious enough to generate complaints, spammers can face both criminal and civil penalties.Fines for Violating Commercial Email LawsThe FTC is in charge of enforcing laws under the CAN-SPAM Actand has the authority to levy fines against business owners. For each and every violation of the act, a business or person engaging in commercial emails can be fined up to $11,000. The FTC specifically states that additional fines may be levied on commercial emailers for violating any of the following illegal actsHarvestingemail addresses from websites or web services that have published a notice prohibiting the transfer of email addresses for the purpose of sending email Generating email addresses using a dictionary attack- combining names, letters, or numbers into multiple permutationsUsing scripts or other automated ways to register for multiple email or user accounts to send commercial emailRelaying emails through a computer or network without permission- for example, by taking advantage of open relays or open proxies without authorization. Criminal Penalties for Violating Commercial Email LawsTheDepartment of Justice(DOJ) has been granted the authority to enforce criminal sanctions against commercial emailers. Criminal penalties include imprisonment ofthose who violate or conspire to violate, any of the following aspects of the lawUsing another computer without authorization and sending commercial email from or through itUsing a computer to relay or retransmit multiple commercial email messages to deceive or mislead recipients or an Internet access service about the origin of the messageFalsifying header information in multiple email messages and initiating the transmission of such messagesRegistering for multiple email accounts or domain names using information that falsifies the idsatzinhalt eines datenbanksegmentes of the actual registrantFalsely representing themselves as owners of multiple Internet Protocol addresses that are used to send commercial email messages.Additional RegulationsThere are other punishable regulations for commercial emailers under the CAN-SPAM Act, includingAssisting another person or business, or having another person or entity send unsolicited commercial email to any address where the recipient has requested no more contact from you.Selling, trading, transferring, or offering for any purpose, email addresses of any recipients who have opted out, or requested that they are removed from your email list.

Friday, December 27, 2019

What should I do with my wedding gift money

What should I do with my wedding schadstoff moneyWhat should I do with my wedding gift moneyCongratulations, youre married And the wedding planning part of life is finally over Plus, if youre lucky, youre walking away from yur wedding with a nice chunk of change. But its important to have a plan when you get a windfall like this. You dont want to find yourself a few months from now with no money left and nothing to show for it.Of course, how you use the money depends on you and your partners goals and responsibilities. But there are some basics that you should focus on when spending (or saving) that money.Pay Off DebtI know this doesnt sound fun. No one likes to pay off debt with gift money. But its actually hugely important to pay off your debt if you can If you have any credit card debt (or debt accrued during wedding planning), you should absolutely put your wedding money towards it. This will help you and your new spouse start your marriage on more solid financial footing. If bot h of you have debt that needs to be paid down, have a conversation about how you want to split the money. Do you want to split it equally? Do you want to tackle the highest interest debt first? Have the conversation and make a decision that feels good on both sides.Build Up Your SavingsOne of the cornerstones of financial health is having a funded emergency savings account. This account will protect you and your family if there is a job loss, injury or illness, or other costly emergencies. Having three to six months worth of your expenses can prevent you from being evicted, keep you current with your bills, and preserve your peace of mind. When you are joining your life with someone else and increasing your financial responsibilities, its even more important to have emergency savings. Even if you havent been given enough to fully fund your savings account, its important to get it started.Do Something FunWhenever you have a windfall of any kind, you should use a small portion of it t o do something fun. Allowing yourself to treat yourself makes it easier (and therefore, more likely) to use the majority of the money on responsible things. Take 10% of the money and buy something youve been yearning for, or treat yourselves to a fancy dinner. You deserve it, and your guests would be happy to know that you used the gift on something just for you.Dan and I have a few different ideas for our wedding money (keep in mind Im writing this before the wedding, so I dont know how much weve gotten). We dont have any debt aside from our mortgage, and our emergency fund is fully funded. So, we will use some of the money for our honeymoon, and the rest of it will likely go towards home projects.This article was originally published on

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Single Crystal Turbine Blade Named ASMEs 265th Landmark

Single Crystal Turbine Blade Named ASMEs 265th Landmark Single Crystal Turbine Blade Named ASMEs 265th Landmark Single Crystal Turbine Blade Named ASMEs 265th LandmarkASME Past President Gene Feigel (left) presented the ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark plaque to Frank Preli, chief engineer of Materials and Processes Engineering at Pratt Whitney, at the landmark designation ceremony in Windsor Locks, Conn. (Photo courtesy of Pratt Whitney)Last month, Pratt Whitneys single crystal turbine blade welches designated as an ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark at a ceremony at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Conn. The innovative blade, which is ASMEs 265th landmark, is credited with improving jet engine efficiency, lowering emissions and extending time intervals between engine repairs.The landmark ceremony, which was held Feb. 21, drew a crowd of approximately 75 people including senior Pratt Whitney personnel, former Pratt Whitney employees who helpe d design the turbine blade, ASME History Heritage Committee member Lee Langston, who was also involved in designing the blade, and friends of the New England Air Museum. The event was also attended by ASME Past President Gene Feigel, who presented the landmark plaque, and ASME Past President Bill Weiblen.The single crystal turbine blade was developed in the early 1960s at Pratt Whitneys Advanced Materials Research and Development Laboratory (AMRDL) by a team led by Maurice Bud Shank and Frank VerSnyder, who were attempting to develop a stronger, more heat-resistant blade for use in jet engines. The turbine blades traditionally used in jet engines were composed of nickel-based superalloys, which had a crystalline structure with grain boundaries weakened areas that were susceptible to cracks and fractures. The single crystal turbine blade invented by Shank and VerSnyders team had no crystalline boundaries, resulting in greater resistance to fracture and corrosion as well as vastly improved creep performance than nickel alloy blades. Lee Langston, a member of the ASME History Heritage Committee who helped design the single crystal turbine blade, addressed the audience at the landmark ceremony on Feb. 21. (Photo by Wil Haywood, ASME Public Information)Single crystal turbine components were used for the first time commercially in the early 1980s in the JT9D-7R4 engine for the Boeing 747, Airbus A300 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The technology also had military applications in TF30 and F100 jet fighter engines. Pratt Whitney was recognized for its achievement with the ASM International Materials Achievement Award in 1975 and the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.The single crystal turbine blade is a most deserving addition to ASMEs roster of mechanical engineering landmarks, said ASME President Charla K. Wise. With this landmark, we recognize the engineering attributes of the single crystal blade, as well as the corporate effort of Prat t Whitney to develop a technology that contributed to the advancement of the gas turbine industry.For more information on the ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks program, click here.

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more things that dont belong on your resume

more things that dont belong on your resume more things that dont belong on your resume More things that dont belong on your resume* the name of your junior high school* the names of your children and their years of birth* an objective like this to obtain a standort where I can leverage my skills, knowledge and experience to use proven methodologies for the successful implementation of project goals and corporate vision* jargon of any sort (see above)* for that matter, an objective of any sort